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been carrying around this sack of bees ever since my grandmother told me beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.  to be honest sometimes I wish she had never told me this information

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Get to know me meme: Current celebrity crushes [1/10] Colin Morgan

"One of the most important things is to remind yourself of where you are from and be thankful. I don’t for a second take anything for granted. That’s a good way to start your day."

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Gregory Peck between scenes of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

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simon pegg being a cutie on the star trek set

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when you get a really good partner for a presentation

Why is daft punk there

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"fucking manchild excuse of a person"

alexolouhglin about jeremy renner (via ihatekarlurban)

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Rubeus Remus Potter. You were named after the only two people at Hogwarts who seemed to give shit about me, because come on who else would I name you after? A verbally abusive dickbag who was in love with my mum and gave me shit all my life and someone who convinced a bunch of children that they needed to be soldiers? What kind of awful aspirations would that make you end up having? Come on son I’m not an idiot…

#bless this post

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